Next McCool Travel Seminar:

Date: April 8, 2011, 1pm - 4:30pm

Location: Reston, Virginia (Reston Town Center)

Title: Travel Planning Secrets

Instructor: Charles McCool

Cost: $99

Capacity: 14

  • Travel planning basics and travel planning secrets
  • Strategies, ploys, and tips for finding airfare, lodging, and car rental deals
  • Booking engine quirks, where and how to find deals, and how to recognize deals
  • When to be a do-it-yourself trip planner and when to use travel agents*

What you will learn:

  • Find better travel deals
  • Save money on every trip
  • Save time looking for travel deals
  • Efficiently use the internet and travel suppliers

Included in the seminar price are resource guides (handouts), refreshments, and prizes (there will be quizzes and games). Additional resources can be purchased at the seminar.

Price comparison: $259 seminars

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For more information, please visit the McCool Travel blog or contact Charles McCool.

Selected comments from prior seminar attendees and clients:

“I learned more in this seminar than I had as a travel agent for 30 years.”

“You’re able to convey what you know about air travel in a way that keeps your audience rapt and wanting more.”

"I was ready to flip my laptop on and start trying all your travel tips ASAP. It was seriously an eye opening workshop!"

“Charles saved me $500 on a flight on the exact days I wanted to travel. You rock. God bless you.”

“The members of our group each saved over $100. Thank you! Other group members [that booked through other sources] were envious of  our low fares. We were really, really happy.”

“The reference librarian in my home town just finished reading your book and said it was just what I needed, and she was right! Your informative book is a treasure trove.”

* Charles McCool is an independent consumer travel advocate and is not paid or sponsored by any travel company. He does not book travel for others (is not a travel agent) but is an expert in finding travel deals and teaching others to do the same. He "tells it like it is"--good and bad--and does not receive a commission or other considerations for recommending any product or service.

Private travel seminars are available for your company or group.

For more information, please contact Charles McCool.